Winter Camping is Unorthodox But a Whole Lot of Fun!

Written by Channel 11 Houston on October 29, 2013. Posted in Cabins in branson missouri, Find a park, North carolina cabins

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Many people may think that once all the leaves have fallen and the cold air starts to blow, camping season is over. But that’s not so for the millions of people who enjoy year round camping at a host of local and national parks. It’s easier than ever to find a park in every state, so when you’re retired, on vacation or eager to just get away for the weekend, getting a cabin, cozying up with family by the fire and enjoying a little time in the wilderness is possible, no matter what the season.

Bring on the cold when looking for opportunities for camping in Michigan, camping in New York, camping in Indiana and camping in Colorado, or any of the other Northern or snow states. It’s easy to book great lodging locations during these times of the year because many people are fooled into thinking that to enjoy the outdoors, it has to be sunny and hot. But that’s not true. There are a host of advantages to camping when it’s cold outside.

For starters, when it’s wintertime and the leaves have all dropped, the views are incredible when unobstructed. You can see a lot farther without leaves in the way while camping in Indiana and other cold states. Of course, watching the leaves change color is wonderful, too, but it’s easy to see the forest through the trees when the leaves have all fallen. Anyone who hunts and enjoys excursions of that nature also may enjoy having better views of prey. A hunting vacation in the winter can’t be beat.

Furthermore, the colder it is, the less people are out. So if you value privacy, and enjoy receiving more personal attention from shopkeepers, tour guides, etc. choosing vacation rentals and camping in Indiana options in the wintertime cannot be beat. Anyplace that would normally be inundated with other vacationers is less likely to be cramped during the winter. It’s the perfect time to be camping in Indiana when you want to avoid long lines and scores of other people.

There are a lot less bugs in the wintertime, too. So, for those who want to get out and experience the great outdoors without having to douse one’s self in toxic bug sprays, winter camping in Indiana and other cold states is perfect. And you won’t have to stay indoors to avoid the hot sun, either. Instead, get outside, enjoy a cold hike or romp, perhaps in the snow, and leave your beer outside your door. When you get back to the cabin, you’ve got a cold one waiting for you and you can enjoy it fireside with family and friends.

Start a new tradition and take up winter camping in Indiana or any of the other cold winter states. You won’t regret the decision to do something a bit unorthodox and maybe slightly ore challenging. The U.S. is a gorgeous country no matter what time of year. Get out and explore it! See this reference for more.

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  • Alfred Lee
    December 4, 2013 at 9:06 am |

    I absolutely love winter camping! My family and I spend a few weeks each year camping in the various national and nearby parks in order to really get back to nature! It’s wonderful!

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