What do You Need to Know about New Dental Office Construction? Three Facts

Written by Channel 11 Houston on September 25, 2013. Posted in Dental office design ideas, Healthcare facility design

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Did you know that about 25% of patients are willing to travel in order to get a medical procedure? When it comes to your health care facilities, often a good interior can be the difference in attracting a client or losing them to another practice.

Every year, hundreds of dentists decide to invest in dental office design or construction. Of course, some of these dentists are new to the field, and actually opening up their own offices rather than buying out another practice. Either way, here are three important facts about dental office construction that you should keep in mind.

1. From a Dental Perspective

The construction of dental offices is about more than just slapping paint on walls and putting in a reception desk. Some of the most important parts of the construction are the setup of the medical equipment. For this reason, it is advisable to look for medical construction companies that have extensive experience setting up dental clinics. You want someone who knows how to handle the complicated setups, the necessary spacing, and, of course, OSHA regulations, which all medical offices must take into account during their building.

2. From an Aesthetic Perspective

From the perspective of the patient, of course, none of that is important so long as things work correctly. Dental office interior design is an important aspect of making sure clients have a comfortable experience, and want to come back. Having a dental office painted and carpeted with soothing colors is one thing to keep in mind. Although white walls suggest sterility and have been popular in the past, warm tan and soothing blue are often better choices for today, especially considering that as much as 20% of Americans have enough anxiety about the dentist that they will visit only when it is absolutely necessary.

3. Dental Office Floor Plans

When I was little, my uncle, who was a dentist, had his offices located in the bottom of a former hotel. For this reason, the space wasn’t really well suited to his practice. Today, dental floor design helps to set up a good foundation for dental practices. You want to save space while increasing production, and take into account typical traffic and workflow activities so that no one is bumping into each other, or forced into a cramped working space.

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  • Bella Graves
    July 8, 2014 at 12:43 pm |

    the dentist my kids visit has a really nice office. it doesnt even look like a dental office at first, more like a hotel reception. and they have a little theatre for the kids and an arcade… its great, they actually look forward to going

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