Vinyl is for More Than Just Records Four More Ways to Use the Material

Written by Channel 11 Houston on October 31, 2013. Posted in Vinyl flooring manufacturer, Vinyl posters banners, Vinyl sign material

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Did you hear? Everything old is new again! Portable Walkman cassette players are cool, Nintendo 64 is still in fashion and, of course, the only way to listen to music is on vinyl records. At least, that’s what the young folks are saying these days.

While it’s true that vinyl records are undeniably cool, they also serve the important purpose of illustrating to today’s youth how music used to exist in a physical format before the mp3 came around. And unless you’ve got a pair of vinyl pants stashed away for special occasions, records are probably the one things you could name that are made out of the material. But vinyl is used for much, much more than just music.

Remember Colorforms, those neat little stickers you could use to decorate background scenes? These were, in essence, double-sided, printable adhesive vinyl. Using a unique system, Colorforms could be re-positioned and re-stuck in all types of different places, making them a durable toy. In fact, Colorforms became one of the most popular toys of the 20th century.

If you’ve ever been to a baseball stadium, you’ve likely taken note of the home-run walls and foul walls near the stands that designate whether a particular hit is fair. These are made of some of the top outdoor vinyl fabrics currently available. In fact, plenty of vinyl coated mesh substances can be found in outdoor locations all over the country, especially in parks. Playground fences, festival tarps and even security vests are all made of this unique vinyl coated mesh material.

So why use heavy duty vinyl fabric for outdoor needs? For one reason, it’s an incredibly durable substance able to withstand the harshest elements of wind, rain and even snow and hail. You can find vinyl coated mesh almost everywhere you look outside: signs, banners, shade coverings and more.

While metal piping has long had its proponents, PVC, or polyvinyl chloride, is a cost-efficient replacement that doesn’t corrode as easily. Additionally, PVC is the largest market for vinyl production and can be more easily stalled than regular metal pipes. Estimates show that by 2016, the world will likely reach a total of 40 million tons of PVC piping, which is even more astounding because of how lightweight it is.

One of the most notable places to find vinyl coated mesh is one the sides of buildings in the form of advertisements. You often see these from Nike and Apple in large, major metropolitan cities where they can be seen the most people. These large banners are made from vinyl coated mesh in order to allow the wind to pass through so they don’t become sails and rip out from the building itself.

Now you know everything you need to know about the hidden world of vinyl. The next time your hip friends start talking about the new vinyl they picked up, ask them: Colorforms or PVC? After all, sarcasm is the new conversation.

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