Vacation Rentals in the Outer Banks

Written by Channel 11 Houston on July 24, 2013. Posted in Beach house rentals, House rentals outer banks, Outer bank rentals

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Corolla nc is located in the Outer Banks, which are a slim strip of islands that reside along 130 miles of the Atlantic coast. Its attractions include the Cape Hatteras Lighthouse, the Wright Brothers National Monument, the Lost Colony, and a number of recreational activities like kite surfing, paragliding, and hang gliding. More than one hundred thousand people climbed the lighthouse in 2011, and almost five hundred thousands visited the monument. The Lost Colony, also called Roanoke, was an English settlement from the late 1500s. Its entire population, comprised of more than one hundred people mysteriously vanished sometime between 1587 and 1590, and its enigma continues to draw people to the area.

Outer Banks rentals can be pricy because the area is extremely popular, but there are alternative Outer Banks house rentals that can be worth a little extra in the vacation budget. Many of these alternative Outer banks rentals are privately owned and rented to various families or groups throughout touring season, allowing vacationers to be in the comfort of a home rather than settle for the usual stuffy hotel rooms. Such OBX rentals (an abbreviation for Outer Banks rentals) are popular for longer vacations because you and your family or friends can have your own space in a bedroom, while being able to save money on entertainment or cooking. The usual OBX vacation rentals do not come equipped with a kitchen, fridges, or dishes, meaning that you are practically required to eat out for every meal, and these alternative, privately owned Outer Banks rentals allow you to do your own cooking, as well as have quality time with family in a relaxed setting. More like this blog.

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