Twitter Can Be a Valuable Tool Do You Know How To Use It?

Written by Channel 11 Houston on September 23, 2013. Posted in Cheeky tweet ideas, Hilarious twitter tweets, Tweet ideas for girls

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Most people do not really know how to social network properly, nor do most of them care to. For the younger generation, social network sites are not meant for keeping in touch with out of reach friends and making professional connections to ensure career longevity.

For the grand majority of social media users, it is all about posting inappropriate pictures, spouting drivel in 140 characters, and making a complete embarrassment of oneself until, by the time they are ready for a professional life and want their sordid past to disappear, it is too late.

That being said, those of us entering the social media game later, we have a distinct advantage. We can see what does and does not work. We get to see the mistakes that thousands upon thousands of people have made, and learn from them so that we never make those mistakes ourselves.

Before delving into something like Twitter, it is a good idea to do a little research ahead of time. Look into some tips for using Twitter. Do not, however, go so far as to purchase a book. You can find hundreds of free Twitter secrets all across the internet. There is no reason to buy a book that collects most of them when you can just access the free Twitter secrets over a few different sites.

The first of the free Twitter secrets that you should be concerned with, those which you should first be implementing are the Twitter bio tips. Your biography on Twitter, just like any other social media outlet, should be succinct, factual, and professional. Potential employers do not care if you have three cats, they do not care that you want to change the world, they do not care that you are a party animal. They want to see that you are a business professional in the field of accounting.

All social media should be done with the idea of how your current or future employer will be reacting to it. A regular part of the interview/hiring process now is looking up a prospective employee to see their social media presence. They do not want to hire someone to represent their company who has a series of pictures displaying them in progressing states of inebriation.

Consider and reconsider anything and everything that you post online. Even if it is just in the form of 140 character blurbs, avoid anything overly opinionated. You would not want to differ from company beliefs or policies, or make it seem like the company that you work for shares your opinion. This new world of social media being tied in with the rest of our lives can be tricky, but it is one that we must approach carefully and professionally.

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  • July 24, 2014 at 4:44 pm |

    words of wisdom there. how many times have we seen news stories about people who tweeted something and got fired?

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