The Perfect Gift for a New Mom

Written by Channel 11 Houston on September 25, 2013. Posted in Gift basket for men ideas, Personalized baby blankets, Personalized baby gifts

Baby gift baskets

Gift baskets for baby showers are very popular gifts, and rightly so. They allow you to help mom stock up on all those little things she’ll be needing, and they look great! Figuring out how to stock gift baskets for new baby and new mom can be a little troublesome, though. Fortunately, you’ve got a couple of options. If you’re totally committed to putting it together yourself, we’ll provide a few suggestions for how to fill gift baskets for baby showers. If putting together your own gift basket sounds like the worst idea in the world to you, you can also opt to buy gift baskets for baby showers online, pre-stocked with all kinds of great gifts.

For the DIYers

Great gift baskets for baby showers have one or two “display items” that top of the basket and make it look great, but are mostly stocked with little essentials. Here are a few ideas for both categories:

Display Items

The best display items are large enough to sit on top of the basket, and have a little bit of an “aww” factor. Great display items might be:

  • Stuffed animals, perhaps wrapped in personalized baby blankets or wearing a bonnet,
  • A collection of favorite children’s books,
  • Or, a couple of toys.

Filler Items

The filler items are what really give value to gift baskets for baby showers. They may not be particularly exciting items, but they’re definitely things a new mom will need. Think about filling the basket with things like:

  • Diapers
  • Personalized baby clothes (you can usually get babies clothes for cheap online)
  • Basic, white or solid color onesies and socks
  • Binkies and bottles
  • Burp cloths
  • Baby lotion and shampoo
  • Outlet protectors

For the “Charge It” Set

Some of us are just too busy to take on the job of putting together a whole gift basket, or just aren’t sure we have the knack for it. Fortunately, you can buy gift baskets for baby showers online. They typically range in price from $30 all the way to $180, so there is definitely something for every price range. Look for one that comes with its own basket rather than purchasing a gift set, unless you don’t mind arranging it yourself.

Gift baskets are perfect baby shower gifts. Whether you put it together yourself or pick one up online, new mommy is sure to love all the adorable and practical items in a great gift basket.
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