The Benefits of Installing the Best Intrusion Detection System

Written by Channel 11 Houston on October 28, 2013. Posted in Fire walls, Intrusion prevention, Wireless intrusion detection system

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Did you know that Google detects 9,500 malicious websites every single day? In addition, the U.S. Government Accountability Office revealed that there were 15,560 security breaches in 2011. Cyber intrusion poses a major threat to all websites and online businesses, which makes network security platforms more important than ever. By utilizing the best intrusion detection system, your business will be better protected from the numerous security threats that lurk the internet.

Intrusion protection systems are used to block viruses and hackers from important information. When a threat is detected, it is not only immediately stopped, but it is also used to protect the system from future security threats. Much like immune systems, network intrusion detection systems continually adapt to their surroundings in order to effectively improve their defense methods. As a result, businesses receive comprehensive protection from both old and new security threats.

Although employees have the ability to cause malicious damage to the companies they work for, cyber threats are becoming more widespread and dangerous. In fact, nearly 43,000 privacy breaches and computer intrusions occurred in the United States in 2011. With the best security platform installed, however, businesses are able to detect, prevent, and protect against all types of cyber security hazards. Companies are using the internet more frequently for their business needs, so the demand for computer protection is becoming more vital.

Since 76% of organizations have experienced reputation damage caused from cyber security breaches, network intrusion platforms are available to help. The best intrusion detection systems provide comprehensive protection that guards information from all types of cyber security threats. As a result, companies are able to defend their classified data more effectively when the best security system is installed.

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