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Written by Channel 11 Houston on June 11, 2013. Posted in Homepage

With all the sources of news at our fingertips and available to us twenty four hours a day, three hundred and sixty five days a week, we often tend to forget or ignore what is happening in our local area. We focus so intensively on the happenings of the world and on America in general, that we have forgotten the names of our Congressmen, Police Chief and often times, even our Mayor. Channel 11 Houston fights to bring that attention back to the city.

Houston Channel 11 News has a well earned reputation of bringing the citizens of Houston, up to date and accurate news and weather. The anchors and television journalists that work for Channel 11 News Houston have earned the reputation of not just being some of the best in the city, but being some of the most active within the community. Because at Houston Channel 11 News, it’s more about just bringing you the news, it’s about giving you the needed tools to plan your day and prepare your future.

Channel 11 Houston weather brings you up to date information about the changes in weather on regular intervals throughout the day so you aren’t surprised by that midday torrential downpour. Houston Channel 11 News also keeps you informed of the traffic conditions on your commute, giving you that chance to plan for alternative routes. Channel 11 Houston TX offers a variety of tools that will keep you informed of not just the weather and traffic, but the local sports teams, what’s happening in your community and what will be happening.

Houston Channel 11 ensures that with only half an hour a night, you will be thoroughly informed of the news that impacts your life. With award winning coverage and a crack team of journalists, Houston Channel 11 News is the most trusted source of local news within the area. Before you dismiss local news, remember that national coverage won’t tell you the issues that will immediately impact your lifestyle. It is with Houston Channel 11 News that you can remain informed and community minded. Knowing what’s happening in your backyard will have more importance in the end.

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