Live Your Night with a Custom Limousine Rental

Written by Channel 11 Houston on November 25, 2013. Posted in Charlotte airport transportation, Limousine service charlotte nc, Local limo services

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Whether you are looking forward to a once in a lifetime event or just need airport transportation, and a ride that doesn’t come with a ticking meter, limousine rentals can be the answer to your dilemma. This comfortable third option is a step above both riding with a friend and calling the local cab service.

Here is how limousine rental services can provide for your needs.

The world’s longest limousine was a lincoln that was built to a length of 100 feet. If you are wondering how a limousine of this magnitude would do anything but drive in a straight line, do not worry. Most limousine rental services share your concern, which is why they believe that the average limousine should not extend beyond double the length of the original car. If even a limousine bus extends beyond certain restrictions passing the Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards becomes tricky.

The U.S. president is given a special tactical limousine in which he can can make a world class entrance. While bullet proof glass and a secret service entourage may not come with your next limousine service, you can still ride comfortably.

Limousines were the first cars to take on modern air conditioning. And they continue to work towards revolutionizing how people travel. Limousine amenities typically include a full stocked bar, but the fun does not end with mere liquid indulgences. Many bars will give options for top of the line crystal glasses, set the bar in neon light, and may even have a sink with running water. Wedding limo services, and bachelor parties can roll uninhibited well into the wee hours of the night. No designated drivers need apply.

Since many limo services offer multiple makes and models, customization is entirely up to the customer. And the customization does not end at the dotted line. Most limousines have an intercom installed. This way if passenger want to take a quick detour, and tell the driver about it without lowering the partition, they can.

The bottom line is that the luxury transportation industry, including limousine rental companies, have amassed ten billion dollars in revenue over the years. They must be doing something right. From the airport to the party, and especially to a wedding, limousine services have you covered. Find more on this topic here.

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