High-Quality Protection for Horse and Rider

Written by Channel 11 Houston on January 10, 2014. Posted in Charles owen, Horseback riding helmets, Saddlery equipment

Charles owen

Did you know that a winter horse blankets with help to keep your trusty horse warm and cozy during the cold winter months? Although experienced horseback riders are well aware of the benefits of winter horse blankets, novice riders might not be aware of such details. Regardless of the horseback rider’s experience or skill level, winter horse blankets are just as important for horses as insulated Kerrits breeches are to the rider.

When it comes to safe and comfortable riding for both horse and rider, wearing the appropriate horse riding apparel, and using the safest horse riding equipment, is always essential. For instance, every rider can minimize the risks of falling and getting dragged by his or her horse by wearing proper horse riding boots. The reason that genuine horse riding boots are made with a minimum one-inch heal and low tread is for safety, because heel height plays an crucial role in how the a rider’s feet sit in the stirrups.

Of course, horseback riders of all skill levels must never forget the more important piece of all horseback riding gear — the helmet. Statistics show that head injuries are the most common type of serious, and sometimes fatal, horseback riding injuries. By wearing high-quality horseback riding helmets, riders can greatly minimize the risk of a permanent, or fatal, head injury should they be jettisoned from the saddle.

While there are few hobbies as exciting as riding horseback, novice riders need to remember that riding a horse is a dangerous activity for which proper equipment and attire is mandatory at all times. Whether you are talking about riding boots, helmets, pants, or Kerrits breeches, better gear usually means a more enjoyable ride.
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