Got Health and Fitness Goals? Get an Armband Monitor

Written by Channel 11 Houston on December 26, 2013. Posted in Best heart rate monitor, Pulse activity monitor, Withings pulse monitor

Armband calorie counter

If looking at the wide array of health and fitness products is overwhelming, then you probably need to be pointed towards the one device that will give you the biggest bang for your buck. For a solid, and simple product, consider one that has an armband sensor. Knowing your heart rate before, during, and after an exercise is essential to working out effectively. Not convinced? Here are three other reasons why an armband monitor device is the best one to go with if you only want one.

Gym equipment is faulty.

You might be thinking to yourself that you could save some money by just using the heart rate monitors that are built into gym equipment. Unfortunately, those monitors only measure heart rate and calories burned, and they do so poorly. Because the gym equipment is unlikely to take into account all of the necessary factors towards burning calories (gender, age, body composition, exercise intensity, and weight) it will use assumed values, and give you a number that might be between 5% and 25% off. An armband monitor can measure heat flux, heart rate, skin temperature, perspiration, movement, and calories burned. Because it’s a personal device, it can also account for most of those other factors to deliver a more truthful number.

The other way is the hard way.

If you like math, and interrupting your exercise, you could calculate your target heart rate manually, and then check it while you are in the middle of your workout. First, average out your resting heart rate over three days. Count your pulse for one minute just after you wake up to do this. Next, subtract your age from 220 to get your maximum heart rate, and subtract your average resting heart rate from this number to get your heart rate reserve. Get 60% and 80% of that heart rate reserve number, and then combine them, dividing by your resting rate, and then…did you get all that? Health tech products, such as those with armband sensors, do all of this work for you effortlessly, and accurately.

Better data could mean better motivation.

One of the big reasons why people choose to use fitness trackers, is that the advanced technology syncs up to online programs and mobile applications. This makes it easy to see and understand the data that will show you how much progress you are making. With certain armband monitors you can eliminate the guessing game behind what makes for an effective workout. All you will need to do is take a look at your mobile device to see what you have accomplished, and then adjust your plans and goals accordingly.

Monitoring devices with armband sensors are comfortable, and can be worn for 23 hours out of your day, which can mean valuable data for individuals with heart conditions. They quickly and accurately calculate calories burned, heart rate, and more, presenting the data conveniently to help you see progress. For the average person with health and fitness goals, the armband monitor is an ideal device, and a great place to start when all of the other options are too overwhelming.

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