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Written by Channel 11 Houston on September 30, 2013. Posted in Hipaa network security, Network firewall, Network security platform

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Finding the best intrusion detection system is imperative for almost all businesses today. We are seeing increased cybersecurity breaches throughout the world. For instance, in October of 2011, an international hacker broke into the computer files of the South Carolina Department of Revenue. This attacker gained access to approximately 3.6 million tax returns. Hackers are not always threats from the outside. In July of 2008, a disgruntled city administrator in San Francisco locked access to a critical network. Resetting administrative passwords to the switches and routers did this. This employee then refused to divulge the new passwords to officials. In the United Kingdom, the cost of data breaches to companies has risen by 68 percent in the past five years.

So, as you can see, these breaches and threats are being experienced by companies of all sizes and types, thus creating the need for the best intrusion detection systems. One of the biggest treats to data and systems has usually come from people inside the company. These people usually have privileged access to the systems, and have the potential to do more accidental or malicious damage than an outside hacker or attacker.

The best intrusion detection system can provide dynamic defenses against any threat. Enterprise firewall software is often used as one of the best intrusion detection system solutions. Enterprise firewall software can handle security for numerous users, so its one of the best intrusion detection systems for companies requiring extensive IT security.

Malware protection is another one of the best intrusion detection systems. These systems can stop threats that may have otherwise been missed by other security measures. These systems can understand and block malware attacks before they happen and damage system security.

The best intrusion detection system is usual part of what is known as next generation network security. This is a term that describes making sure you have current security in place, as well as making sure your future needs are addressed as well. These systems let you stay ahead of the curve in providing the best intrusion detection system for your company.

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