Five Interesting Facts About the Agricultural Products Latin America Produces

Written by Channel 11 Houston on September 22, 2013. Posted in Agricultural trading company, Frijol de soya, Productos agricolas de america latina

Cascarilla de soya

Latin America has a rich history of agriculture. Potatoes, chilies and beans were among the first agricultural products Latin America nations yielded, especially those located in South America. Here are five more facts about Latin America agriculture you may not have known.

1. The Republic of Colombia yields some of the most popular crops in the world. Colombia provides us with coffee, rice, tobacco, sugarcane, cocoa beans and much, much more. These highly sought-after crops are just a sampling of the variegated agricultural products Latin America produces.

2. Historically speaking, potatoes were first grown and collected in Chile as far back as 14,000 BC. Today, any agricultural trading company ensured that these crops benefit the world at large. Bringing the agricultural products Latin America produces worldwide is one of the responsibilities of farmers and trade companies today.

3. An international trading company ensures that a variety of agricultural products Latin America yields can find uses around the globe. This includes both food and clothing need. Especially in the nation of Paraguay, whose economy is greatly dependent on its exports, harvesting soybeans and other crops brings in much-needed wealth the country can then enjoy nationally.

4. Soybean trading companies will take the crop grown in places like Paraguay and exchange it with other global nations. This helps bring the agricultural products Latin America produces to nations that otherwise would not have access to them. Though Colombia is famous for its coffee, Brazil is actually the biggest world provider of that item, along with chicken, soybeans, beef and ethanol.

5. Cascarilla de soya can be the best choice for feeding your farm animals. If you purchase it in large quantities, you can have a great return on investment when you go to sell your animals. Soy will allow them to grow larger, making it one of the top agricultural products Latin America yields. Learn more at this link:

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