EHR Software Revolutionizes Patient Care

Written by Channel 11 Houston on November 25, 2013. Posted in Behavioral health electronic health records, Behavioral health software vendors, Electronic medical records benefits

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Health care is one of the hottest topics in the country. New laws are continuously being passed to try to make medical care accessible and affordable for everyone. One of the advances in health care has come in the form of electronic medical record keeping. Up until the last decade, doctors and medical professionals used folders and paper records to keep track of patient information. These files were stored using each facility’s own alpha-numeric system. Now, a large majority of hospitals and medical center use electronic health record programs to store patient information, and about half of the ones without it plan to implement it by next year.

An ehr system brings many benefits to medical facilities that paper medical records cannot. For example, about 50 percent of doctors can access a patient’s information using their tablet or smartphone. Many doctors take their mobile devices into appointments and have instant access to patient information. These electronic records contain previous health problems, medications and symptoms. They can look at these and make accurate diagnosis and treatment without having to wait for the record to be retrieved from a different location. This also speeds up the appointment, allowing doctors to see more patients. Ehr software companies have developed different ehr softwares that even allow patients easy access to their own medical information. According to the CDC, three quarters of patients are willing to go online to see their medical records. This can reduce time spent in a doctor’s office, and patients can know exactly what vaccinations they have received, treatments and all other parts of their medical history.

Electronic medical records software has changed the way that medical professionals think about patient information, and has made the process more efficient. Doctors now have an easier way of making relevant notes about their patients. Front office staff can schedule a patient quickly without having to consult with the doctor about what treatment needs to be done, and medical facilities can save money spent on paper and folders. Ehr softwares around the country have made a visit to a medical facility faster, easier, and economical. While paper records are not completely obsolete yet, they will likely be gone within the next decade. Continue reading here.

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