No Better Place for News in Rochester Than Channel 13 Why Tune Anywhere Else?

Written by Channel 11 Houston on August 6th, 2013. Posted in Rochester airport hotels, Rochester ny motels

Rochester ny tv

When flipping through the Rochester TV stations looking for a good station to keep you fully informed and up to date on all of the news the world over, do not go any further than Channel 13 News. If you should pass Channel 13, then you have hundreds of channels of uninformed disappointment until you get back. So simply click over to Channel 13 and put the remote down.

Channel 13 Rochester NY is superior to many news organizations in many ways. Once you pass 13, even those cable news stations are no good. In fact, cable news pales in comparison to your local news because cable stations are first and foremost about profit. CNN, Fox, MSNBC. They are all big news corporations. Yes, they impart the news, all day every day. It is great to have that much constant access to news, that cannot be argued. But the proble