Wyoming Brings Plenty to the Table for First Time Home Buyers

Written by Channel 11 Houston on June 20th, 2013. Posted in Jackson hole realtors, Moose wy real estate, Real estate jackson hole wy

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When buying a luxury home, there a lot of factors to consider. From price to crime rate and from taxes to aesthetics, buying a luxury home is a process full of decisions.

One of the first steps to buying first home is to determine a budget. Talk to a mortgage lender who will consider your take home pay and your total debts in order to determine a spending limit. Next, your lender will verify your information and send a letter letting you know for which amount your mortgage is approved.

After you’ve been approved, the fun begins. he search for the perfect home involves plenty of research. Determine the average price of homes in the area, what your tax obligations would be, what the crime rates are in the neighborhoods of interest, how the local school districts rank, and which home architecture styles are of interest to you. Contact a real estate agent in the area of interest for new home buying tips and to begin your search.

One area to consider in your real estate search is Jackson, Wyoming. Jackson Hole real estate is hot property, with celebrities such as Harrison Ford, Sandra Bullock, and Dick Cheney all owning homes in the Jackson Hole region.

In October 2012, the average listing price for Jackson wy real estate was $2,401,875. A price that indicates a high level of quality to those interested in high end homes. Not to mention that the crime rate in Jackson, WY is 150, compared to the national average of 306. There’s no doubt that Jackson hole realty has something special to offer.

When it comes to home architecture styles, Jackson Hole real estate has some of the most beautiful luxury log homes in the country. Among home architecture styles, luxury log homes are some of the most unique and character filled homes available. They are remarkably customizable and boast such features as high ceilings, hand crafted fireplaces, and an incredibly cozy feel. Jackson hole luxury homes don’t get much better than the high end log homes available in the Jackson area.

Besides the beautiful home architecture styles available through Jackson Hole real estate, there is plenty to recommend Wyoming to first home buyers. There is no personal or corporate income tax in the state, and residents enjoy one of the lowest tax burdens in the country, thanks to the presence of mineral extraction and tourism as Wyoming’s main revenue sources. In fact, for seven years in a row, Wyoming was named one of Bloomsberg’s Best Places to do Business.

For those interested in luxury homes, there is really no better place to search than Jackson, WY. Jackson Hole real estate offers beautiful high end homes in an incredible area of an excellent state.