What is A Lockout Tag Out Procedure

Written by Channel 11 Houston on March 31st, 2013. Posted in Loto, Osha lockout tagout, Preventive maintenance

Preventive maintenance program

What is a lock out tag procedure you may ask? A lock out tag procedure is a standard that requires the adoption and implementation of procedures used to shut down equipment in a confined space, then isolate it from an energy source, to prevent hazardous energy from getting into the air while service issues are being taken care of.

To secure a hazardous area in the United States confined space training is required and the lock is selected by color, shape or size, for example a red padlock can be used. This lock out tag out procedure system is used to designate a safety device for locking a hazardous area.

Lock out tag out kits are available and a confined space rescue is considered to be a subset of the technical rescue operations and involves the rescue of victims in confined spaces or in a place that is only accessible through a tight space such as underground vaults, storage tanks, siloes, or sewers.

An OSHA lockout tagout can even help in confined spaces that potentially contain hazardous material that is dangerous for humans in liquid or gas form and could be fatal. Lock out tag out procedures are in place for these very reasons. Confined space can be challenging just because of the environment that they happen in. Lockout tag out programs are required as well to learn how to perform a lock out ttag out procedure. Look into taking a lock out tag out procedure class today.