Quality Child Care Makes a Difference

Written by Channel 11 Houston on January 21st, 2014. Posted in Finding a daycare, How to find a good daycare, Pa daycare

How to find a daycare

Children have the most fertile minds. They are able to absorb more information in the first few years of their lives than at any other time in their life. By the age of two, children pick up new words every day, and they are even capable of identifying high frequency noises, which makes them sensitive to loud noises. Because of their ability to learn quickly, children often benefit from being placed in early education settings that foster fundamental academic and social skills. For this reason, many parents place their children in childcare.

The importance of these facilities has been part of American history since the 19th century, when the day care movement began as a result of the welfare and reform movements of the time. Today, child care plays a major role in not only the education of American ch