Increase Business With Direct Mail Postcards

Written by Channel 11 Houston on January 17th, 2014. Posted in Direct mail campaigns, Direct mail printers, Sample of business postcards

Oversized postcard printing

A lot of people really do not give postcards much thought. However, postcards have a rich and varied history. The first known printed picture postcard that had an image on one side was created in France in 1870 at Comp Conlie. This camp was a training camp for soldiers in the Franco Prussian war. Additionally during World War I, soldiers sent their friends, family and loved ones postcards that were made of embroidered silk mesh. Collecting postcards is called deltiology, and is thought to be one of the three largest collectible hobbies.

While you may not actually want to collect postcards, you should consider direct mail postcards as an effective way to boost business and sales. Direct mail postcards used in direct advertising campaigns are valuable in terms of return on investment due to the fac