5 Core Elements of Blogger News

Written by Channel 11 Houston on March 6th, 2013. Posted in Articles online, Info online, Online news

The growth of articles online happen faster than any expert predicted as the web was becoming more and more prevalent in our lives. Today, a professional blogger can help share info online faster than scholarly online articles. There are quite a few online info services that focus on providing online news to local markets. It is no longer practical for a person to rely on traditional media sources for information. Watching the TV news means you are probably hours behind the story that spread online in minutes. Reading a newspaper is great for in depth coverage of a subject, but not helpful when it comes to following breaking news.

The news cycle had to evolve as blogger news came along. A news cycle refers to a daily circulation of information through a media resource. News cycles used to last at least 24 hours, as this was the required amount of time between when an event occurred and when it could be circulated through old media. Today, most news cycles last about eight hours. Eight hours is typically the drop off point between when a major story breaks and when a news source stops making it their lead story.

This has led to the evolution of five basic blogger news tenets. These five tenets are relevance, timeliness, localization, novelty and impact. Relevance refers to the general importance of a story. For example, the election of a new American president is relevant to most people across the globe. There is a lot of attention on the presidential race that occurs every four years. However, the election of a small town mayor is much less relevant at a global scale. This also addresses the tenet of localization, as people rarely worry about metro or hard news stories that do not affect their local area.

Timeliness refers to how long interest is likely to exist for a story. Most people are not going to care about an album review six months after that album has come out. Novelty often refers to a cute story people share just because it makes them laugh. Finally, impact is a tenet that matters a lot to blogger news. Most blogger news allows people to hear stories that will impact their daily life right away. Most blogger news resources try to incorporate all five tenets. If you are looking for a new blogger news resource, consider where they report, how quickly the report and what they report on before subscribing.