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Written by Channel 11 Houston on September 27, 2013. Posted in Razor accessories, Razor electric dirt bike, Razor pro x

Electric razor dirt bikes

An electric razor dirt bike, like the razor pro x, the razor a5 lux, and the razor e100 electric scooter, is designed with both speed and agility in mind. Because of this, the average electric razor dirt bike has an engine size that is less than 500cc. Another reason the an electric razor dirt bike is so fast, light, and small is that is does not have a gas tank. So too is the smallness of electric scooters a result of the aluminum alloy material from which they are built.

The speed and agility of an electric razor dirt bike, as well as its diminutive size, makes it a perfect choice for navigating densely populated cities with narrow streets. This is why the electric scooter is so popular amongst young people living in urban areas. The sales of electric motorcycles and scooters are expected to grow 10 times over in the coming decade, according to a 2013 Market Report. In cities, the pace of electric razor dirt bike sales may even outstrip those of cars in several years. After all, it is much easier to find parking for an electric razor dirt bike than it is to find a space that fits a car. Even compact cars and smart cars can be difficult to park in cities like New York, San Francisco, LA, and Chicago.

If you are looking for a hip, affordable, and environmentally conscious form of personal transportation, an electric scooter may be exactly right for you. Just make sure to invest in a good helmet and take some scooter driving lessons. As long as you maintain your safety, riding an electric razor dirt bike is an economically and environmentally sound, not to mention fun, way of getting around.

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  • October 13, 2013 at 9:00 am |

    I live in Brooklyn, and I ride my scooter everywhere. It is so much easier to maintain than a car, not to mention a lot cheaper!

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