Average Profit of a DITY Move

Written by Channel 11 Houston on April 23, 2013. Posted in Military discount for packrat, Military dity moving companies, Moving company + military

What is the formula for dity moves

If you are in the military and are being relocated, a DITY move could be an option for you. A DITY, or do it yourself, move is where you move your own things or arrange with a third party to transport them and the military reimburses you. Several methods are authorized for a military Dity move, including moving with your own vehicles, hiring a commercial moving company, and shipping your things with the mail. A DITY military move can be used in conjunction with other military moving programs, like a Government Bill of Lading (GBL). With a DITY move, you even receive $25,000 in insurance coverage.

Only death of someone close and divorce are considered to be more stressful life events than moving. A DITY move calculator can help you figure out the costs of your different moving options and the reimbursements that you may be entitled to. This and the average profit of DITTY move can help you determine the option that is best for you. You can come out ahead, but the average profit of DITTY move is just an estimate. Each move is personal, but you can work out your best move. Learn more.

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