77 Years of of Toggle Clamp Innovation

Written by Channel 11 Houston on November 22, 2013. Posted in Destaco latch, Destaco power clamps, Stem casters

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When DESTACO, a Dover Company, designed and manufactured the very first manual toggle clamp in 1936, it launched a brilliant future for itself. Seventy-seven years later, DE STA CO toggle clamps are still selling throughout the world, and they’ve even seen a few innovations.

What Is a Toggle Clamp?

Toggle clamps are fastening devices used to hold objects together tightly, preventing movement or separation either temporarily or as a long term solution. They’re most popularly used for industrial, construction, and wood work.

How Have DE STA CO Toggle Clamps Changed?

DESTACO clamps now come in several varieties, marking a far march of progress since the manual toggle clamp’s first patent.

Vertical Hold-Down Clamps

Identified by their vertical handles, these DE STA CO toggle clamps have holding capacities reaching 5,000 pounds. Each is equipped with either a solid or “U” shaped clamping bar that has a 90 degree opening angle, and either a straight or flange-mounted base.

Horizontal Hold-Down Clamps

DE STA CO toggle clamps in this category are mainly differentiated by their low height designs. While the handles and hold-down bars of vertical clamps are uni-directional, those of horizontal clamps move in opposite directions. They are also manufactured with both solid and “U” shaped clamping bars and several mounting options.

Pull-Action Latch Clamps

Pull-action latch clamps are equipped with movable handles that allow placement of the clamping pull bar around the opposing latch. Handles can then be pressed down into a locked position, effectively providing a powerful closing force, positive holding, and easy operation. Pull-action latch clamps are popular for sealing chamber doors, mold closures, and access doors and have holding capacities up to 7500 pounds.

Squeeze Action Clamps

Squeeze action clamps can be automatically locked when one or both handles are squeezed against the central position. Also known as portable or plier clamps, they are usually drop-forged in steel and come with one or two adjustable spindles. Many DE STA CO moddles feature trigger release that enables one-handed opening.

Straight Line Action Clamps

These DE STA CO toggle clamps feature push/pull handles that move a plunger in and out along an axis, allowing locking in two different positions. The load ratings of various models range from 100 to 16,000 pounds.

In 77 years, toggle clamps have come a long way. Regardless of your application, there is a clamp that can help.

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