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Custom Presentation Folders Can Jazz Up Your Presentation

Written by Channel 11 Houston on November 16th, 2013. Posted in 12x18 poster printing, Pocket folder printing, Professional presentation folders

Printed folders

Have you ever thought about using customer presentation folders to give your report or presentation a little bit of pizzazz? Custom presentation folders come in many different variations to suit your needs.

You can find these document folders that will have one or two pockets. You can even find custom presentation folders that have three folders. Most people think of presentation folders as those pocket folders used to hand in reports and papers; however, the business world is using them frequently. You may also have heard the term “manila folder” used. Interestingly, these folders are often incorrectly called “vanilla folders.”

Now, custom presentation folders are a little bit fancier than those

American Air Conditioning and Heating Inc. in Port Saint Lucie Florida

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American Air Conditioning and Heating Inc.

859 SW Piedmont Court

Port Saint Lucie, Florida 34986

(772) 398-0023

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Service, Repair, and Replacement for all brands of air conditioning systems.

Law Firms Turn to Private Investigators

Written by Channel 11 Houston on November 15th, 2013. Posted in How to hire a private investigator, Private investigator in, Private investigator prices

Private investigators nj

Did you now that, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), private investigation services accounted for at least 34,700 jobs in 2010, and that number is likely to increase by as much as 21% over the next seven years? Private detectives perform background checks, investigate identify theft and internet scams, and even, in some cases, undertake the task most often seen on TV, surveillance. What is it like to be a licensed private investigator, and what are some of their most common tasks?

Reasons to Hire a Private Investigator

Working as a private detective can be incredibly dangerous. Investigators typically work extremely irregular hours, and s

The Electric Company of Atlanta in Woodstock GA

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The Electric Company of Atlanta

213 Lexington Drive

Woodstock, GA 30188


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The Electric Company of Atlanta, Inc. is committed to offering top quality electrical installation to the entire area, with a special focus on the North side.

We take pride in our workmanship, providing professional electrical installation to your complete satisfaction. Our licensed electricians and apprentices are held to a standard of excellence clearly visible in all of our projects. Each job is done right, on time, and on budget.

Find out Why Air Cooing Towers Are a Valuable Asset to Many Industries, Both Large and Small

Written by Channel 11 Houston on November 12th, 2013. Posted in Cooling tower manufacturer, Evaporative cooling tower, Wet cooling tower

Cooling tower

For industries where cooling is of a major concern to their manufacturing operations, air cooling towers are extremely valuable. A cooling tower is a tall, open-topped, cylindrical tower, typically made of concrete and is used for cooling water or condensing steam from an industrial process. The first of these cooling towers were built in 1918 in the Netherlands. Other early air cooling towers were positioned either on the rooftops of buildings or as free-standing structures, supplied with air by fans or relying on natural airflow.

With current cooling tower technology, Fluid coolers or closed circuit cooling towers are act as hybrids that pass the working fluid through a tube bundle, which allows clean water to

What is a Collaborative Divorce?

Written by Channel 11 Houston on November 10th, 2013. Posted in Collaborative divorce law, Family divorce lawyer, Nj collaborative law

Cost of collaborative divorce

Half of all marriages end in divorce, while the other half ends in death. Divorce can be an exceptionally messy and stressful ordeal for everyone involved, including both marital parties, children and even families of the two people divorcing. However, collaborative divorce lawyers can benefit everyone involved. But what is a collaborative divorce?

More than 22,000 lawyers across the world are trained in collaborative law, which is essentially just the type of law in which a divorce is moderated. In a collaborative divorce, both parties work towards the best possible solution for each other. Rather than fighting over custody laws, property and other issues, the collaborative law p

Keep Children’s Moving Experiences Positive

Written by Channel 11 Houston on November 7th, 2013. Posted in Portable storage building, Portable storage container, Portable storage rentals

Portable self storage

Did you know that, according to Ohio State University professor Dr. Arlen Fulton, moving may very well be “one of the most disruptive events of a child’s life?” Child psychologist Frederick Medway reiterates, “Most of the stress is felt by those people (children) who didn’t make the decision to move.” Experts agree that moving can jolt children out of their comfort zones, and even traumatize them. What are some moving tips that will help you and your children?

Consider Self-Service Moves and Portable Storage Solutions

Moving quickly, and moving long distances, can be especially traumatic for a child. Long distance moves, however, can also be unavoidable. Ease children into the transition by taking your time with moves, whenever possible. Portable storage containers or self storage fac

Learn How SEO Can Boost Your Online Presence

Written by Channel 11 Houston on November 7th, 2013. Posted in Resell seo, Seo reseller programs, Web design

Online sales

Does your business want to garner more web traffic and reach new audiences, all while ranking highly on search engines? Do you want to have bigger profits without footing bigger bills? It’s time to consider hiring white label seo reseller to get your businesses the interest it deserves.

A private label seo will do the work for the company from behind the scenes, creating beautiful web pages and establishing a strong web presence through the use of keyword and keyphrase text. This leaves CEOs and business owners free to focus on the business, rather than social media. A business should never discount the importance of web marketing with seo resellers and Continue Reading No Comments

Everyone Had Family Issues But Do Yours Require Attention?

Written by Channel 11 Houston on November 6th, 2013. Posted in Advice on family issues, Help family problems

Family help

Trust me. We’ve all got family issues and problems. It comes with the territory. Spending that much time with people, in that close of a proximity to them, there are bound to be the occasional tensions and disagreements. It happens. But there must come a time when you need to decide whether these little family tiffs are just that, or something more, something that is a sign of a greater dysfunction.

  • Family Issues and Problems
  • You can think of family issues and problems in two different ways.

    1. Normal People Problems
      • It doesn’t matter if it’s your twin brother or your mother, there will be times when your moods are not in sync. And if you’re in a rotten mood, and your brother is in a rotten mood, there is a good chance that there could be a flare-up. O

Grand Furniture in Virginia Beach Virginia

Written by Channel 11 Houston on November 6th, 2013. Posted in Business Directory


Grand Furniture

5133-B Virginia Beach Blvd

Virginia Beach, Virginia 23453


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If you are looking for quality furniture with a lot of style and not a huge price tag, Grand Furniture has what you want at a price you can afford.
Guaranteed financing, military specials, and the best furniture online. Real furniture for real people.