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Find out Why Air Cooing Towers Are a Valuable Asset to Many Industries, Both Large and Small

Written by Channel 11 Houston on November 12th, 2013. Posted in Cooling tower manufacturer, Evaporative cooling tower, Wet cooling tower

Cooling tower

For industries where cooling is of a major concern to their manufacturing operations, air cooling towers are extremely valuable. A cooling tower is a tall, open-topped, cylindrical tower, typically made of concrete and is used for cooling water or condensing steam from an industrial process. The first of these cooling towers were built in 1918 in the Netherlands. Other early air cooling towers were positioned either on the rooftops of buildings or as free-standing structures, supplied with air by fans or relying on natural airflow.

With current cooling tower technology, Fluid coolers or closed circuit cooling towers are act as hybrids that pass the working fluid through a tube bundle, which allows clean water to