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Private Label SEO as a Value Add for Your Clients

Written by Channel 11 Houston on September 10th, 2013. Posted in Private label seo, Seo reseller, White label seo

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Internet marketing comprises social media management, pay per click advertising, email marketing and search engine optimization among other marketing activities. For those interested in growing their marketing services business, adding private label SEO can be a way to increase billings without adding a lot of operational overhead.

For clients that need additional traffic to their websites, search engine optimization helps both attract and engage increased visitors. By becoming a white label seo reseller, you can help them increase their traffic with a scalable solution. Finding the best private label SEO program can be fairly straight forward with little pr

Retirement Communities For the Baby Boomer Generation

Written by Channel 11 Houston on September 10th, 2013. Posted in Active adult communities, Retirement communities

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“I hope I die before I get old.” Many a baby boomer has at one time or another echoed these words initially hollered by Roger Daltrey in the song, “My Generation,” a 1960s anthem celebrating youthful rebellion and recklessness. These days, however, baby boomers are not the carefree teenagers they used to be, and as their average lifespans and income levels rise far beyond those of previous generations, boomers are now coming to a fork in the road that their own parents never faced.

More than 75 billion baby boomers are expected to reach retirement during the next two decades. The baby boomer generation, named thus in a 1970 Washington Post article, is about to get old. Really old. As senior citizens whose health care and housing needs must be considered accordingly, boomers