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Four Pregnancy Facts That Might Cause Complications!

Written by Channel 11 Houston on August 30th, 2013. Posted in Health care for women, Norfolk obgyn, Obgyn doctors

Health care for women

Women health services are more important now than ever. As medical science advances, it reveals more and more risks to women, which means that they need to make sure to get the best OBGYN doctors and prenatal care.

For example, it is absolutely imperative that ladies go for their bi yearly pap smear, which is a test that checks for changes int eh cells of your cervix. This is to check for cancer, and any other abnormalities that might pose a risk to the health of the woman, or to any children she may bear.

Here are four facts about pregnancy that women health services can help out.

1. Do not stop any medicines, or start any new ones when pregnant.

If pregnant, women health services advise that you ask y