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Best Public Golf Courses

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Golf grip tips

Tiger Woods bagged his first ace at eight years old. Clearly Tiger Woods does not need golf stance tips, but he has played many games of golf and still has many golf games to play. Many people are like Tiger in that they too have many golf games to play, but they might be unlike Tiger in that they do actually need some golf tips.

Historians believe that a Dutch game, known as kolf, was played with a stick and a ball on frozen canals in the wintertime, was brought to the Scotland by Dutch sailors. On that note, the first formal golf club was the Gentlemen Golfers of Leith, which began in 1744 as an annual competition , for which a silver golf club was the prize.

A number of golf enthusiasts believe that playin

Are You Struggling with Crippling Neck and Back Pain?

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Information on chiropractors

Did you know that as many as 80% of Americans suffer from severe back pain? In fact, it is one of the top reasons for sick days and missed work, and it is the most common cause for work related disability. Bad backs and chronic aches are keeping people out of work, and interfering with our day to day lives. How are more Americans getting relief from persistent back pain?

Knowing the Source of the Pain

The human body is complicated, and the back is no exception. The back is packed full of bones, joints, ligaments, and muscle. Patients with chronic back pain should consult a spine doctor to get to the root of the problem. Back pain can have any number of causes from degenerative disc

Marketing Your Most Important Product

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Job in sales

Executive recruitment firms are designed to help businesses with the process of hiring a sales rep that can make a difference. Managing the entire process from start to finish, they screen, contact, and help prepare potential employees, matching their clients up with candidates of incredible caliber.

If you’re interested in a career in sales, you’ll need to know how to impress executive recruitment firms. Contrary to what you might think, experience isn’t necessarily the number one factor for those hiring a sales rep. Especially, when existing reps are available to train and mentor new hires, there are other factors that must looked at. Besides experience, suitability for a job is determined by the presence of relevant