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Where Can You Find the Most Germs In Your Home?

Written by Channel 11 Houston on August 19th, 2013. Posted in Food safety guidelines, Food safety online, Wash vegetables

Kitchen sanitation rules

Do you know where to find the most germs and dirt in your home? Most people would say the toilet, the shower, or any other spot in the bathroom, and most people would be wrong. The average kitchen contains more germs than a typical bathroom. That is an alarming (and frankly, gross) fact. What can you do to make sure your kitchen is as clean as possible?

1. Kill Germs Where They Start

Almost all germs come from your hands. With Americans shelling out over $190 million on hand sanitizer every year, it is clear that people are catching on. What they do not know is that, when washing hands, antibacterial soaps are no more effective than regular soaps. Regular soaps are less likely to weaken y