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Maritime Workers Deserve the Same Protection as Anyone Else!

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Longshore and harbor workers compensation act

No matter the industry, no matter the job, workers must be protected. If a job does not offer some type of compensation in the event of injury, a worker is obviously putting them self at risk of not only injury, but not getting any type of money for it. They could be forced to not work because of the damage to their body, while not receiving any money to live or at least get by, which is completely unfair.

Damaging things can happen to anyone, at any job, and at any time, but there are certain jobs have a higher risk of injury. In an industry like harbor working, or any maritime job, employees are constantly at risk of injury, and often disease as well. But when it comes to protection plans for these workers, thanks to an act passed in the late 1920s, these men and woman are pro

Top Grade Aluminum and Affordable Prices

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Aluminum extrusion suppliers

Any type of metal can be expensive, and finding the type you need at an affordable price is always a challenge. Aluminum extrusion supplies, aluminum pipe supplies, and aluminum coils have been pretty pricey in recent years. This is because the smelting process takes time, and extracts the aluminum from its raw material. However, a secondary aluminum smelter will give you the same quality, at a more affordable price. Get all the materials you need at prices that will keep your business profitable, and your wallet happy.

Typical Aluminum pipe suppliers pay top dollar for their aluminum to be extracted from its oxide called alumina. However, secondary aluminum smelters produce top notch metal for alumi

How Are Your Finances?

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Legal recovery law offices

Did you know that credit card debt is the third largest source of indebtedness in households? More often than you would think, people load up expenses on their credit cards, and when the bills come all they can do is shrug their shoulders and ask what happened.

Recently, the personal saving rate rose almost 2 percent from November to December. This is an excellent trend, as saving money is far smarter than putting a whole bunch of expenses you cannot afford on a credit card. If you do get in trouble, legal recovery law offices can sort things out for you.

Having high credit card debt is really bad. Sadly, just over half of Americans have more in emergency savings than credit card debt. Even among the highest income brac