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Management Standards and What They Mean for You

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Iso 27001 certification

Companies today are constantly in competition for meeting the highest standards of service. The ISO 14000 is a group of environmental management standards that help these corporations control how they affect the environment. These standards are being adopted more and more frequently by organizations all over the world. By 2010, at least 223,149 organizations adopted ISO 14001 certifications. This number spans 159 countries and different economies.

The environmental management standards are only one small portion of the 19,000 international standards set out for organizations. Over 1,000 are meant to regulate food, and encompass agricultural machinery, logistics, transportation, manufacturing, labeling, packaging and storage. Food safety regulations are important to all of us, and consumers ar

Coin Dealers in Massachusetts

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Stamp dealers ma

People began to collect and appreciate coins during the 14th century. However the history of coins goes back much farther than that. The earliest known coins were pieces of bronze that where shaped like cattle, and were used around 2000 B.C. Today, there are many people all over the world collecting, buying and selling coins. The study of all types of coins from different cultures and time periods takes place at the American Numismatic Society museum and research institute.

There are many coin dealers massachusetts residents can contact if they are interested in selling coins. For those who are interested in making a purchase, they can find places that sell coins or that Continue Reading No Comments