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Want to Arrive in Style? Get Limo Service After Your Next Flight

Written by Channel 11 Houston on July 16th, 2013. Posted in Limo service, Limo service airport, Limousine services

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Here’s a nightmare scenario for the rich and famous of the world. You arrive at an airport. Alright, good so far. What’s the problem, then? There is no airport limousine service to be found! What are you going to do!? Take a cab? Hardly! You have worked too hard and earned too much money to be degraded by such an act. Luckily, this is not a problem that you will face often, as there are plenty of limousine services, and luxury limo service airport transportation available in towns all over. Of course, I kid about the rich and famous. Limo service airport transportation is not just for the likes of Donald Trump and Kim Kardashian. Anybody who wants to arrive at their destination in style, or just have a little fun after an exhausting flight can rent a limo to take them from the airport to wherever they desire.


What Your Business Needs to Survive the Age of Information

Written by Channel 11 Houston on July 16th, 2013. Posted in 2010 workflow, Business intelligence consulting, Enterprise search

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There are over 90 million smartphones in the United States alone. And now that the internet is at most peoples finger tips, more and more people are using their phones to manage their lives. Now, you can have your tablet on your phone data plan so you do not need to be near wi fi to get onto the internet, although about 70% of tablet computers are not yet linked to a data plan.

There are two ways that devices can communicate with each other now, enterprise application integration and cloud computing. Enterprise application integration uses a combination software and architecture to establish a middleware, thus allowing different programs to communicate with each other, even if