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How Spicy Fresh Guacamole Compares To Hummus

Written by Channel 11 Houston on July 14th, 2013. Posted in Fresh salsa, Recipes using hummus, Spicy hummus dip

Red pepper hummus

Hummus, a popular type of food that is consumed by people around the globe, originally comes from the Middle East region, including the countries of Israel, Syria, Yemen, Egypt and Palestine. This delicious food comes in various flavors, from roasted red pepper and garlic to roasted pine nut, lemon, jalapeno, spicy, spinach and artichoke, and sundried tomato. With most all kinds of hummus brands, people will drizzle some olive oil on top or perhaps some paprika or chopped parsley. Now, people may wonder what this has at all to do with spicy fresh guacamole. Well, most of the hummus dip that is found on the shelves at grocery stores across the country is made from the same companies that make spicy fresh guacamole.

These guacamole brands are mostly sit