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Without Daycare Your Child May Not Be Prepared for School

Written by Channel 11 Houston on June 7th, 2013. Posted in Day care, Day care in monroe ct, Preschool in peekskill ny

Preschool in peekskill ny

The first day care center to be established in America was known as the New York Day Nursery and it opened in 1854. It was the result of an outcry for better public education. Many educational theorists believed that if you started educating earlier, children would be capable of higher levels of academic studies when they grew.

That theory does not seem to be totally ludicrous as we enter the 21st century. Studies have proven that children who have attended preschool could be 24 percent more likely to eventually attend four year colleges. Daycare is proving itself to be a critical institution for the success of our children.

How many questions a day would you estimate that you ask? The average amount of questions a 4 year old kid asks on a daily basis is 437. These questions, though some of which are unanswerable, need a place to be channeled. That place is daycare. With educational child care, our children have the opportunity to learn information which will stick with them lifelong as well as the social skills needed to enter kindergarten.

Whether one chooses a daycare in monroe ct, child care in Peekskill NY or a daycare center in Long Beach, CA, the child will benefit from meeting people, making friends, learning and having fun. Daycare opens the door for a child to become familiar with the academic setting when it is time to become fully immersed in it. A child who has attended daycare will be much more prepared to enter school than one who has not.