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Marketing Through Snail Mail

Written by Channel 11 Houston on June 4th, 2013. Posted in Business postcards, Printable postcards, Real estate postcards

Custom postcard printing

Even though online marketing and email marketing seem to be taking over the marketing industry, mail marketing has been shown to still be effective. Although the public generally perceives the decline of anything that is not on the Internet, many consumers would rather have marketing offer made to them through snail mail than through the world wide web. Surveys convey that this even holds true for those of the younger generation between the ages of 18 and 34.

That is why postcard printing is still so popular. They are light and present an image for the potential customer to physically pick up and look at. Whether custom postcard printing is used to create customized postcards or normal postcard printing is used to make business postcards or real estate postcards that follow a standard pattern, direct mail postcards are proven to be effective.

Just in America, more than 90 billion pieces of mail are sent by marketers for advertising each year. This is because research has shown that physical media makes a deeper impression in the potential customers mind than online media that cannot be held. Postcard printing creates an advertisement that is not on a screen. People like that.

Postcard printing began in 1870. The first postcard only had an image on one side. It came from Fort Conlie, which was a training camp during the Franco Prussian War. Ever since, the postcard business has taken off, and despite the age of the internet, it still continues to thrive.