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Free and Easy to Use Blogging Websites

Written by Channel 11 Houston on May 23rd, 2013. Posted in Blog blogging, Blog template, Submit blog free

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Over the last 15 years of so, blogs have emerged from the underground, became an internet rage, and are now considered one of the most important and democratic information vehicles on the web. In fact, the corner of the web that bloggers occupy has become known as the blogosphere. One of the coolest things about blogs, is the fact that blog creation can be done for free. A blog created for free simply asks one to sign up for a free blog, which requires nothing more than a user name and an email account. As such, it is fast and easy for anyone to have their own blog created for whatever he or she wants. And if you are especially inventive and savvy, it is even possible to create a blog that makes money.

At the advent of blogging, before the portmanteau for web log was created, a blog created by a private individual was called, simply, an online journal or online diary. The earliest blogs created by normal, everyday individuals were fascinating because blogging created a forum through which anyone could share their thoughts on any topic. As should be expected, blogs were, and continue to be, controversial, sarcastic, irreverent, and ironic. Of course, there are thousands of news blogs created by serious journalists, political pundits, and anyone with something that they need to get off their chest. Hence, there are now professional bloggers who spend their entire days blogging. Still, most blogs are created by private individuals who submit blogs as a hobby. Consequently, regardless of what you might be looking for, you can bet a blog create on that subject exists.

The internet is perhaps the most democratic and far reaching media ever created, the blogs created by private individuals reflects that freedom rather ably. Understandably, many times a blog creates controversy, especially when the blogger decides to share his or her feelings on a topic that is particularly polarizing. Thus, blogging has definitely caused problems for people who submit blog articles without thinking of the consequences. Hence, it is always advisable that both amateur and professional bloggers submit blog articles only after considering the consequences. However, unless a blogger makes threats or engages in hate speech, one need not refrain from a blog created for any purpose he or she considers important.