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Science focused social media playing bigger and bigger role in advancing the field

Written by Channel 11 Houston on May 15th, 2013. Posted in Scholarly journals online, Sciencedirect, Scientists

Scholarly journals online

Social media and networking websites are used by hundreds of millions and it seems every issue, field, interest, or affinity group has such websites available today. Ninety percent of internet users today partake in some kind of social networking site. Among the most important fields in society is science and technology and this importance demands strong options for using science focused social media.

Such choices have emerged on the internet. The best ones include many methods for interface with information and other scientists, to include sharing videos and images, links and files, and chat functions. At these sites users can get recent science news and scientific current events, information about careers in science, access scholarly journals online, and more.

With science and technology advancing at such a rapid clip, recent science news must be readily and immediately available, as this information informs the next great scientific developments and breakthroughs. These sites include the key science questions of the day, as well as science answers! All in all, science focused social media and networking sites are playing a bigger role in the advancement of the most important pursuits of humankind!