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Convenient Online Reviews of Veterinarians

Written by Channel 11 Houston on May 10th, 2013. Posted in Veterinarian review, Veterinarian reviews

If you have never owned a pet, you may not understand how much pets mean to their owners. In many ways, owning a pet is a lot like being a parent. Therefore, just as parents will only take their children to the best pediatricians, the same is true when owners of dogs and cats are seeking a veterinarian to care for their beloved pets. In order to make the process of searching for the best veterinary clinics easier, pet owners might consider consulting free online reviews of veterinarians.

Before the dawn of the internet, the only way to choose vets were through recommendations from friends or via the yellow pages. Unlike online reviews of veterinarians, neither of those options made it possible to review veterinarians. Furthermore, while recommendations can be helpful, what might be fine for your friends kitten, may not be so great for your Irish Wolfhound. Thus, the wide availability of veterinarian reviews online makes it possible for pet owners to access hundreds of first hand reviews of veterinarians, which will allow them to make the most informed decisions about veterinary clinics.

When it comes to approaching online reviews of veterinarians, it might be wisest to look at the veterinary clinics that receive the most vet reviews. Even if a veterinary clinic does not receive perfect reviews, receiving many reviews is one indication that the vet clinic has done something right to attract so many customers. Also, there are always going to be those customers who will be displeased by something that is entirely out of the control of the veterinary staff. Regardless, such clients may be compelled to write harsh reviews of veterinarians that have no bearing on the quality of their services. For instance, if a pet owner brings a 17 year old German Shepherd to the vet expecting miracles, and the dog passes away two days later, traumatized, irrational pet owners might write negative reviews of their veterinarians.

One of the best things about online reviews of veterinarians is the fact that they are written by pet owners who have the best interests of fellow pet owners in mind. Therefore, online veterinarian reviews provide first hand accounts, which are written from the perspectives of different pet owners. Thus, pet owners can take their time, read through the reviews, and choose the best veterinary clinic for their pets.

Hispanic Dishes Bring Variety to the Table

Written by Channel 11 Houston on May 10th, 2013. Posted in Ceviche recipe, Flan recipe, Recetas de cocina

Como hacer flan

When it comes to Hispanic foods, Americans often think of tacos or nachos. Those foods are popular in our culture. Many people also enjoy borritos, tamales or enchiladas. Some of us even know somebody with a great flan recipe, but the truth is that many Americans are very limited in our knowledge of Hispaic cuisine.

I should probably clarify that by “Americans” I am referring to those of us from the United States. Naturally, our neighbors to the south are the experts on Latin foods and I do not know if the average Canadian knows, for example, that empanadas are pastry often stuffed with meat or sometimes with fruit, or that recetas is Spanish for recipes.

One popular dish in South America that is not nearly as well known in North American is cerviche. Ceviche is a type of seafood salad. A typical ceviche recipe consists of fresh, raw fish marinated in acidic citris (usually lime, and sometimes with other fruit juices). Salt and other seasonings such as chile pepper are also added. The citris changes the texture of the fish in the
ceviche, and this process is often considered to sort of “cook” the raw fish.

There is quite a variety of Hispanic foods. The next time you decide to serve something Latin, why not try something different? Why not consider ceviche or empanadas this week instead of taco night?