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The Complex Power Grid System

Written by Channel 11 Houston on May 2nd, 2013. Posted in Electrical switchboards, Non segregated phase bus

Medium voltage switchgear

The functions that are now performed by the network of systems that is known simply as the grid, was once called a distribution substation. However, in order to provide more efficient and reliable way to meet the needs of millions of citizens, substations were replaced by the grid. The grid is made up of electrical switchboards, medium voltage switchgears, non segregated phase buses, and siemens bus plugs. In our high tech society, people take their electrical power for granted. However, if one takes the time to think of the complexity of the network of systems that provide their power, it can be mind boggling that it functions flawlessly most of the time.

As one might expect, in order to maintain and repair electrical switchboards, one must go through years of schooling and considerable on the job training. Obviously, workers must know more than the fact that it takes an assembly of panels to construct electrical switchboards, or that electrical switchboards utilize a system of panel boards, transformers, and other control equipment through which they distribute power. Thus, those individuals who maintain power systems are electrical engineers who know not only know everything about electrical switchboards, but also the ins and outs of switch gear and non segregated phase bus ducts.

Thus, next time you drive past a power plant, or seeing a working on power lines, think about how much of an impact that their maintenance has on your life. Furthermore, the grid is not a system of electrical switchboards that magically works on its own. It takes a team of well educated, highly trained, and committed individuals to keep your lights on and mobile devices charged.