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California Divorce Law and Other Laws

Written by Channel 11 Houston on March 9th, 2013. Posted in Ca family law, California divorce law, Elder abuse attorneys california

California adoption lawyer

Going through a divorce can be traumatic, not only the spouses involved but the families also. California divorce law reports a few facts about divorce that might actually amaze you when you think about it. It seems that casino workers, bartenders, massage therapists, congeries, food and tobacco factory workers, and home health aides are in the top percent for the highest divorce rates. There is no reason for these high divorce rates among these professions however; they just seem to get divorced more often than others.

California divorce law says that when a sibling divorces there is a 22 percent more likely chance that you will divorce your spouse also and that if your closest friends are divorced there is a 150 percent chance that you will be the next one to end up in divorce court. Ca family law as well as California divorce law can tell you more about the statistics and divorce rates in California.

Bankruptcy is another major issue in America with many people filing every day. Cumulative bankruptcy filings in California were 141,893 in 2012 and that was a slight increase from 2011. If you find yourself having to file bankruptcy and want to file chapter 7, you will need to pass a “means test” which evaluates your total income. If you are not eligible to file chapter 7 you can file chapter 13 instead.

California divorce law can help you through a divorce quickly and efficiently but these are not the only lawyers or laws in California. If you are searching for California adoption lawyer there are plenty of good ones as well as elder abuse attorneys California to call on.
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